Experienced Lawyers for Business Owners and Commercial Matters

With a diversity of experience representing business clients within both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, our attorneys provide a full range of legal service applicable to our client's corporate and business requirements. We work collaboratively with our clients to both address immediate needs and to create a long-range strategic approach designed to best assure continued growth and success of the business enterprise.

Business and Commercial Legal Services

Acquisition, Merger, and Sale

Our attorneys have a broad range of legal experience in the financial, tax, labor and real estate issues associated with business merger, acquisition and sale transactions. We also assist with succession and estate planning matters for owners of closely held business entities.


Disputes related to real property are common. When disputes cannot be resolved through negotiation, litigation may be necessary. However, in certain circumstances arbitration is an advisable alternative to a lawsuit.

Business Governance and Growth

Sugarman Law Firm provides legal services for businesses in New York State including ongoing operational matters, employment contract creation and compliance, board composition, director/officer duties and standards for legal compliance, proprietary rights including trademark and copyright protection, sales and vendor contracts, franchise and licensing agreements and business/owner tax planning and compliance.

Business Succession Planning

Establishing a business succession plan has a wide variety of benefits to both your company and customers. These plans seek to identify and develop employees from within the company to be able to step into a leadership role at a predetermined time.

Commercial Real Estate

Our Commercial real estate group provides an array of services including, Real Property Tax Grievance and Certiorari Matters, Representation of Commercial Buyers, Representation of Commercial Sellers, Representation of Individual Buyers (Residential Property), Representation of Mortgage Lenders, Zoning Matters, Litigation Related to Real Property, Mortgage Foreclosure Actions

Commerical Arbitration

Arbitration involves the conduct of a hearing before a neutral, agreed upon arbitrator. Although an arbitration hearing is typically less formal than an in-court trial, it results in a decision which is binding on the parties. Our experienced team of attorneys regularly represents clients in all phases of the mediation and arbitration processes.

Commerical Mediation

Mediation involves a non- binding negotiation session and discussion between the parties to a dispute moderated by a skilled, knowledgeable and neutral third person who serves as mediator. Our experienced team of attorneys regularly represents clients in all phases of the mediation and arbitration processes.

Labor and Employment Law

The employment attorneys at Sugarman Law Firm represent both small and large employers with a wide variety of employment related issues. We handle all types of employment litigation as well as employment negotiations. We assist employers in drafting, reviewing and implementing policies, handbooks, investigations, severance and non-compete agreements.


In mediation, both parties work together with a neutral third party to reach an agreeable resolution. The attorneys at Sugarman Law Firm will use their wealth of knowledge and experience to guide your company through this process, select a qualified mediator, obtain an agreeable outcome, and hopefully allow you to maintain a continued business relationship.