General, Trucking, and Auto Liability Defense

For more than a century, Sugarman Law Firm has represented literally thousands of insureds and remains one of the oldest and largest insurance defense practices in Central New York. We defend insureds in a variety of types of matters including automobile accidents (including motor vehicle, motorcycle, and trucking accidents), premises liability cases, and work place accidents (including construction site accidents and claims pursuant to New York’s “Labor Law”), medical, architectural and engineering malpractice claims, claims against municipalities and school districts, and a variety of other matters. We also represent insurers in coverage disputes and prosecute subrogation claims.

Effective, efficient, and economically-sound litigation management is only possible when claims professionals, defense counsel, and insureds work together, communicate regularly, apply common sense, and make sound business decisions. Claims professionals, like attorneys, face constant deadlines and have to make timely well-reasoned decisions on a daily basis. Joint decision making at every step of the litigation process, thorough preparation, reporting and file documentation, and substantive timely case evaluations are the keys to successful verdicts, settlements, and arbitration awards. The right result requires the right defense counsel.

The Sugarman Law Firm’s litigation attorneys represent and regularly defend counties, towns, and villages across New York; Fortune 500 clients, including manufacturing and delivery companies; professionals, including accountants, attorneys, physicians, engineers, and architects; contractors and construction companies; food service businesses including bars, taverns, and restaurants; trucking and hauling companies; insurance carriers; residential homeowners, automobile owners, and small businesses; school districts; and colleges and universities.

Every litigation attorney at the Sugarman Law Firm is first and foremost a trial attorney. Although they have developed selected areas of expertise, all of these attorneys began practicing in general liability litigation, and each has continued to develop skills and expertise in this broad practice area. As a result, we have extensive experience and are well-versed in all types of liability claims.

Wrongful Death Claims

The loss of life in an accident gives rise to many unique issues in New York State. The wrongful death statute in New York is unique. The staff is trained to address not only the cause of the accident but the damages special to a wrongful death claim. These elements require an aggressive evaluation, and the use of specialized experts to assess the merits of each claim. The Sugarman Law Firm has addressed many wrongful death claims over the years under various circumstances and had successful results for those involved either at the trial level or the appellate level in New York’s courts.

Traumatic Brain Injury Claims

Often a person claims they sustained a traumatic brain injury as a result of some occurrence. The traumatic brain injury claim requires one to draw on many fields of experts. The Sugarman Law Firm works with many specialists to learn all that we can regarding such a claim and whether such an injury has been sustained. This requires a thorough analysis of the claim and experience to draw on specific specialties in order to determine if there are other causes that can account for the claims being made. We have successfully defended claims of cognitive loss of function with skilled research and specialists to ensure a proper analysis of the injury and the liability raised.

Premises Liability Cases

Whether one operates a business or owns a home, there are many occurrences that create liability concerns related to the ownership of property. As a business owner or property owner, one can expect someone to claim that your property is not reasonably safe. Potential claims include a dangerous condition causing injury, or illegal sales or activities likely related to alcohol, or the use of recreational equipment. The Sugarman Law Firm has been involved in cases across the state that have set legal standards for homeowners and business owners to follow when claims are made. Representative cases have included the sale of alcohol, serving alcohol to minors, and the use of recreational equipment, and claims of poor maintenance of property.

Trucking and Transportation Claims

The transportation industry demands an attorney staff that is familiar with federal and state regulations impacting the transportation industry. The rapid response of our transportation team to trucking accidents is an essential reason for the success of our firm handling these matters. Our staff is trained to investigate, evaluate, and prepare claims that arise out of tractor trailer accidents in an expedited fashion. The experienced staff works with local, and over-the-road companies with their transportation related claims.

Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

The use and/or operation of an automobile can result in injuries or create liability concerns and personal liability exposure. The Sugarman Law Firm addresses motor vehicle cases by evaluating the liability of the accident itself, and obtaining an early understanding of how or why the accident happened. Also a review of issues related to the alleged injury and whether it relates to the occurrence or a result of another accident or cause. These issues are developed by our strategic use of accident reconstructionists, experienced analysis of policy investigations, and medical and vocational experts that we consult with on a regular basis. The Sugarman Law Firm has represented individuals and insurance carriers regarding simple property damage claims to serious injuries with large economic loss claims.

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