Appeals and Motions

Created in 1985, the Sugarman Law Firm’s Appeals and Motions Practice Group was one of the first of its kind in upstate New York. To this day, the experience and expertise of the attorneys in this Practice Group continue to distinguish the Sugarman Law Firm from most general practice firms in the region. 

The Sugarman Law Firm’s litigation and transactional practices are supported by the Appeals and Motions Practice Group led by Jenna Klucsik

The Appeals and Motions Practice Group focuses on appellate practice and complex motion practice, and its attorneys specialize in legal research, legal writing, and oral advocacy.  

The attorneys in the Appeals and Motions Practice Group have extensive experience briefing and arguing civil appeals at both the state and federal level. They are familiar with the rules of procedure for all of the appellate courts in New York State, and for the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. They use their extensive knowledge of substantive law, and their commitment to learning the facts in the appellate record, to craft persuasive appellate briefs and oral arguments.

In addition to briefing and arguing appeals, the attorneys in the Sugarman Law Firm’s Appeals and Motions Practice Group prepare and argue a variety of motions from the commencement of an action through the post-trial phase. The Practice Group’s familiarity with New York’s civil practice rules and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure make the attorneys in this Practice Group uniquely suited to represent clients through the intricate steps of state and federal motion practice. The attorneys in the practice group are also familiar with the procedures for commencing and litigating special proceedings in New York State Court, including Article 78 proceedings.

In addition to supporting the various practice groups within the Sugarman Law Firm, the Appeals and Motions Practice Group also welcomes referrals of appellate matters and complex motion practice from our colleagues in New York State and from out-of-state counsel who need assistance with the intricacies of New York civil practice.

Jenna Klucsik, Esq.

Appeals Group Chair

We invite your inquiries about your appeals work. 

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